Outside the EU for the first time. Carvago arrives in Kosovo to open its 8th European market


Kosovo launch. Foto: Carvago

Exciting news! Carvago has officially landed in Kosovo, marking a significant milestone as we launch our services outside the EU for the first time. This event was celebrated with the esteemed presence of Kosovo’s president Mrs. Vjosa Osmani and prime minister Mr. Albin Kurti, signifying the opening of our eighth market. In partnership with our local ally, Gjirafa, we’re introducing the Carvago by Gjirafa brand, setting our sights on further expansion across the Western Balkans.

Historically, the Kosovo market has been somewhat neglected in the realm of used car sales, mainly due to tariffs and other obstacles that have restricted access to car imports from Western European markets. Carvago is set to change that narrative. Teaming up with Gjirafa, we’re bringing our renowned service standards to the local scene. Customers in Kosovo can now enjoy a host of benefits familiar to our EU clientele, including a 14-day return policy, comprehensive insurance options, flexible financing solutions, and an impressive selection of over one million cars from across Europe.

Jakub Šulta, the founder of Carvago, shares his optimism, “Our venture with Gjirafa holds tremendous potential. Success in Kosovo could pave the way for expansion into other intriguing markets within the Western Balkans, a region characterized by its vibrant, growing economy.”

Gjirafa’s founder, Mergim Cahani, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the significance of this launch for Kosovo, “This is undoubtedly one of the most pivotal tech events of the year for us. The anticipation is palpable, and remarkably, we’ve already completed sales even before our official launch.” He further hinted at possible expansions into Albania, North Macedonia, and Serbia.

Carvago’s introduction to the Kosovo market brings a wealth of previously unavailable services and features, including the unique option to return a purchase within 14 days for any reason, and a guarantee on the technical condition of vehicles. “Our goal transcends our own success; we aim to elevate the local market by setting new standards and challenging Kosovan dealers to elevate their offerings,” concludes Šulta.

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